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Camping deals

Hey Folks!

Do you like camping?  I think I do…I better since we just bought some camping gear!  We are actually planning on doing a bunch of camping next summer in preparation for doing West coast trail in summer 2015.  We have been keeping an eye out for deals on supplies and since we need pretty much everything we need to save all the money we can!!  Recently we found pretty good sales on a backpack and a tent both suitable for trekking through the wilderness.

New Tent

This is the Astro 2 Light, 2 man tent.  We found it at Wholesale Sports and saved $39.99.  We set it up in the backyard and left it over the weekend while we were in Saskatoon.  It was fine during the rain and wind that Regina had that weekend.


This is the McKinley Yukon 50+10 Liter multi-day pack.  We found this at Atmosphere and saved $50.oo!! Both the tent and the pack were not planned purchases but we figured we should start slowly buying stuff when we find sales.

Now I’m turning it over to you! What are some of the best deals you’ve ever found?