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A word a week challenge – mistake

A word a week challenge - mistake

So… this photo isn’t really of a mistake…more an accident! But it’s late and i’m tired of looking through all my photos. So here is a picture of Homer Simpson’s bum reflected in a mirror while I randomly took a picture oh about 15 years ago?

A word a week challenge – square

This weeks word a week challenge is “square”

My hubby and I went to Rona to pick out some paint and that is where I found the inspiration for this week’s challenge.  I was acting especially goofy so Calvin thought it would be funny to take a picture of me being “square”  needless to say I am not sharing that very unflattering picture with the world.  Instead I will share a row of stacked boxes. Enjoy!Square


Word a Week challenge – Ornate

When I heard that the word this week was “Ornate” I automatically thought of our trip to Hong Kong.  The whole experience seemed ornate to me one way or another but what stuck out the most when I thought of this word, where the chandeliers.  They were everywhere!  I don’t know about  you but where I come from you do not walk into your local mall and see a chandelier hanging in almost every store.  These particular chandelier’s were in a restaurant in a mall that was several stories high called the “Mega Box”, a shoppers dream.

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